A Field of Dreams

Leo DeVries spent much of his early years working on a fruit farm. It was his dream to some day have a farm of his own.

In 1984, that dream came true when Leo and his wife Margaret bought a farm consisting of 2 acres of pear trees, 4 acres of over-grown apple trees and the rest was open ground.

In the beginning, the plan was to grow sour cherries while Leo would continue to work as a carpenter.  Since it takes 7 years for cherry trees to produce, apple and peach trees were added to the mix. As the crops progressed and local orchards became available to rent, it was a challenge that couldn’t be resisted. As a result, Leo’s career became full-time farming and carpentry became a hobby.

As the farm grew, so did the family. Son Dan began to work on the farm after college was completed. In 2004, DeVries Fruit Farm started selling at several local farmers’ markets. In 2010, the farm expanded yet again, adding a new retail store to better serve the needs of their customers. In 2012, son Mark joined the business full-time.

Farming involves hard work and long hours. Weather is a constant factor. But we are a family of faith and each day we pray for wisdom and strength. God always provides.

All of us at DeVries Fruit Farm–Leo, Margaret, Dan and Mark, our part-time help of family members, students and seasonal migrant workers–strive to grow, pick and sell quality fruit. From our fields to your table, we hope you enjoy.